Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Make May Baskets with Crepe Paper

A time gone by and a tradition that is not much practiced anymore, buy May Baskets are fun to make, fun to give and fun to receive.  My mother used to make these all the time and made them for my son's Kindergarten class and filled with fudge. 

You can make these for favors for any bridal or baby shower too, just add thematic accents and you're good to go. Also on youtube.

You need:

Crepe paper, the flat kind.
White glue.
Pipe Cleaners (chenille stems)
Styrofoam cups 6 oz

Today's crepe paper is not as 'stretchy' as kinds found in the past, but it works, just not as well. 
I used light blue for the body and flower, dark green for the 'grass'.  You could make these in any color combination.
Cut about 3 inches from the flat paper, then make slits about half way down and about 1 - 1/2 inches wide.  You can experiment for the effects you want.  I rounded the edges a bit.  You can get a different effect if you just use straight lines and twist the paper. 

Unfurl the crepe paper, it will look something like this. 
Taking both thumbs, push the paper away from each other at
each section.  You want to try to gently curl the paper towards you.

Start to glue around the cup starting from the top. 

Continue around the cup, staggering a little bit between the 'petals'. 

Cut green paper with slits for the base, the grass.  

Glue the grass to the base of the cup.  Fluff the petals as best you can.  You might have to wait until
it is dry. 

Now, add a pipe cleaner handle.  Poke a hole in opposite sides of the cup, twist at each end.  You now have a handle. 

To make a flower, just roll some of the coordinating crepe paper and twist to a point.  You then twist it

around the handle.  I added some chocolate fudge. 
You can add fudge, homemade or store bought candy.

 Here's the Sweet Pea Design in Pink. 

Should you not want to make these yourself, they are available at ilPiccoloGiardino. 

We used to make a rose petal design too, which I'll try to capture next week. 

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